Play off


Opening times * Breakfast buffet

Due to the current situation, we unfortunately have to adjust our opening times:

Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-6: 30 p.m.
Saturday 9 am-8pm

We will also not offer the breakfast buffet from Monday to Friday as a buffet, but will put all your wishes together and serve them in the kitchen. Of course, prices and offers remain the same.


On Saturday the breakfast buffet will take place as usual as a buffet !!!

We ask for your understanding during this non-predictable Corona time.

Your play off team

Bundesliga tickets to win!

* Coca-Cola raffle with Hannover 96 25x2 home-match-tickets for the season 2017/2018 *

Buy from us at least one 0,4 l Coca-Cola soft drink in the period from 01.09.-30.09.2017 and you can already participate in the contest and experience with some luck your Hannover 96 soon live in the stadium.

2G-Plus from December 1st, 2021

Please note that warning level 2 will apply in Lower Saxony from December 1st, 2021, and thus the 2G-Plus regulation will apply in indoor catering!

This means that we can then only grant access to the following people:

Guests who have received a full vaccination and 14 days have passed after the last required individual vaccination and they can present proof of vaccination issued to them,

Or guests who have recovered, whose positive PCR test result was at least 28 days or a maximum of 6 months ago and they can show a proof of recovery issued for them,

or those who have recovered, whose positive PCR test result was more than 6 months ago, but who can show at least 1 vaccination against Covid-19, which was at least 14 days ago.

AND ADDITIONALLY, the above-mentioned groups of people must submit a negative test:
Certified rapid tests, such as those carried out in pharmacies or test centers, are permitted. Self-tests, for example at the workplace or in a club, must be carried out under supervision and must be confirmed by the inspecting person.

  • Children up to 18 years of age can use all facilities without 2G proof.
  • People who cannot be vaccinated can be admitted with a test certificate (negative antigen rapid test not older than 24 hours or negative PCR test not older than 48 hours; a medical certificate must also be presented).
  • People who have already received their booster vaccination are exempt from the obligation to test !!!

We ask you sincerely, on your part In addition, the following information must be observed:

We are obliged to document the contact details of each guest, as well as the time of entering and leaving the restaurant with their consent, and to keep them for 4 weeks so that a possible chain of infection can be traced. Our guests may only be served if they agree to the documentation. After the retention period has expired, we will destroy the contact details. WE ASK FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING.

Guests must wear an FFP2 mask in the restaurant. You can take it off when you are sitting at the table. When going to the toilet or at the buffet, please put the FFP2 mask on again.

Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from our staff and other guests.

Please pay contactlessly if possible.

Hand disinfection is available for you at the restaurant entrance. We ask you to use this when entering the restaurant (and if necessary).

The following applies at the buffet:
Wearing an FFP2 mask is compulsory.
Also at the buffet you have to keep a distance of 1.5 m from other guests at all times.
Queuing at the buffet is organized in the form of a one-way system.

That all sounds pretty complicated ?! For us too! We promise, we will do our best and we are sure that we will manage it together with a little patience, mutual understanding and maybe with a little humor at one point or another.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Play Off Team in Hanover


* Jamaica Burger *

Enjoy a bit of summer feeling in the Play Off and travel with us to Karia

* Deer Burger * < / h2>

Let's get WILD!

It's back: our HIRSCH-BURGER! Juicy venison and fruity cranberries go perfectly together. In addition, the classic ingredients such as cheddar cheese, sweet and sour cucumber, red onions, rocket and sour cream. YUMMY!!! Of course, as always, with french fries and homemade cole slaw.

All of this for the special price of € 14.90.

In the XXL version with double meat + € 5.00.

And of course we also offer the deer burger for Burger Day, for only € 5.50.


* Pumpkin Burger *

It's PUMPKIN time!

What goes better with autumn than the pumpkin ?! Grilled Hokkaido pumpkin in combination with melted goat cheese and fruity-sweet cranberries sounds daring, but it is an indescribable taste experience. You will be surprised how delicious it is! In addition, juicy beef, rocket and honey-mustard sauce in a brioche roll, served with french fries and homemade cole slaw.

All of this for the special price of € 12.90.

In the XXL version with double meat + € 5.00.

And of course we also offer the pumpkin burger for Burger Day, for only € 4.90.


Enjoy autumn, the most colorful and dazzling season of the year, and treat yourself to our autumn burger !!!


Juicy chicken breast fillet in cornflakes breading in a brioch roll meets fruity mango chutney. Desiccated coconut gives a touch of exoticism and jalapeño sauce rounds off the burger with a slight spiciness. Also on board are a couple of red onion rings, romaine lettuce and play off burger dressing. As always, there are french fries and homemade cole slaw.

All of this for the special price of € 9.90.

In the XXL version with double meat + € 3.00.

And of course we also offer the Jamaica Burger for Burger Day, for only € 4.90.

Let the sun shine on your stomach, enjoy the sound of the sea, and enjoy a culinary delicacy: our Jamaica burger.

Aperol Spritz

Start at Play Off Hannover with our Aperol Spritz drinks in the summer!

Aperol Spritz with Aperol, Prosecco & soda: the fruity-rough classic with a twist.
for 5,50 €

Aperol Passion Fruit Spritz with Aperol, passion fruit juice, Prosecco, soda & lime juice: the sweet-fruity combination of Aperol and tropical passion fruit.
for 5,50 €

Aperol Rhubarb Spritz with Aperol, rhubarb juice, Prosecco & soda: the tangy-sweet combination of Aperol and summery rhubarb.
for 5,50 €

Aperol Ginger Spritz with Aperol, Ginger Ale, Prosecco & Lime Juice: The sweet-and-salty variety of the Aperol classic.
for 5,50 €

Gluten-free * free of charge

With us in Hannover you get also 100% gluten-free burgers, that means with gluten-free bread and gluten-free ingredients. 

Also many more foods are available from us on request gluten-free. For example, our succulent American spare ribs are gluten-free, because we use our gluten-free BBQ sauce. 

What at first sounds simple, means a lot of effort in our American Diner kitchen: all the ingredients, from the burger bun to the homemade sauce, may contain no gluten and may not come in touch with other food. We have extensively trained our staff and our kitchens are equipped with separate cutting boards and toast-bags.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our staff.

Play Off Gift Voucher

Make somebody a present!

In the Play Off Hannover you can buy a Play Off Gift Voucher in every Play Off restaurant with a value of your choice and give it as a present to your loved ones. Of course, the vouchers can be used in every Play Off restaurant. 

You've got no Play Off in your area? No problem:  Just send us an e-mail with your request and against payment, we send the voucher by post. 

The American dream

Play Off - the American Diner in the style of the 1950s.

Red-and-white striped leather seats, pin up girls decorate the walls - the American Dream in the middle of Hannover in the Ernst-August-Gallery. Since 2008, our Play Off invites its guests: in the style of the American 1950s we serve hearty burgers, succulent spare ribs and crunchy salads. And there are lots of sports: on multiple screens, our guests have all live broadcasts at a glance, such as German Football League, Formula 1, Tour de France, ice hockey and the American Super Bowl. 

Not only our interior décor is typically American. Also our staff implement our concept and gives the best recommendations for an original American food. The special feature in the Play Off Hannover: our smoothies, sauces, dips, dressings, soups, cole-slaw and much more are home-made following our own receipes. We always work on our receipes, and we try and prepare until it tastes really good. 

For our little guests, we have a special children menu. It includes not only delicious dishes, like pasta, burger or nuggets, but also puzzle fun, a timetable, sudoku or colouring pictures. Of course, pencils are also available.